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Facts about McDiddy's:

  • McDiddy's exists because SuperJer and pals got bored and wanted to try to make the worst ever, lowest effort Counter-Strike video, after having watched several other ones on the Internet one Friday.
  • McDiddy's was voiced and animated entirely by SuperJer, except for the hostage voice, which AaronJer did.
  • SuperJer randomly thought of the "doyooo" thing, which is based on something that happened in a film called Rejected by Bitter Films.
  • The "doyooo" thing is the only really funny idea SuperJer had. The rest of the jokes were AaronJer's and Philor's ideas.
  • Philor thought up the Mario 3-style sun battle, which was just about the first thing to happen in the cartoon. If Philor hadn't piped up with that idea, McDiddy's probably wouldn't have been animated past the first scene.
  • AaronJer thought up the party grenade joke, which is SuperJer's favorite part.
  • Almost the entire cartoon was created during one weekend of nonstop animating and sound recording and the laughing off of asses.

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