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Facts about McDiddy's 2:

  • McDiddy's 2 exists only because everyone begged SuperJer to make a sequel.
  • SuperJer wrote, voiced and animated the "Last Time On McDiddy's" intro bit as a stand-alone joke, but then months later continued by making the rest of the cartoon.
  • SuperJer and GaryJer wrote the entire script for everything after the intro before any of it was animated. This was not a good idea. Animating according to a script was no fun.
  • AaronJer and Philor did not help with McDiddy's 2 and that's why it's not all that funny.
  • The Eclipse Blocking Machine plot was stolen from a 3D Movie Maker cartoon called Enriched Enlightnement by Will Maltby.
  • SuperJer didn't want to use any non-original music in McDiddy's 2, but playing Copa Cabana inside the Terrorist Headquarters was just too perfect.
  • 5 different versions of this cartoon have been published on the Internet, the original and 4 edits. Each edit added a tiny bit of animation and removed boring frames and dialog. Only the latest edit is available now.
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